Annual Convention and Summer-Reunion
July 17-21, 2021

Updated, July 15, 2021

Danish language

“Sharing Living Hope In Times Of Fear”


The 166 th Annual Convention in The Evangelical-Lutheran Free Church in Denmark

Annual Convention July 17-18
Summer Fellowship July 19-21


Saturday July 17

Afternoon, 13.30-17.00: Business-meeting

1. Opening: God's word, 1 Peter 1:3 and prayer. 

2. Our common work: Annual reports from the synod and the congregations.
+ Topic of the year 2020-21: Christ for us, in us, with us. Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Corona-restrictions. Christ was with us, for us and in us. Growth in the congregations in Aarhus and Copenhagen + some preaching stations at the Islands. Our former pastor Carsten Nielsen *Sep. 23,1965 was called home to the Lord Nov. 30, 2020

3. Our common economy and administration: Annual report 2020 and Budget 2022

4. Our common future
+ God's care for His church through the Gospel and the Sacraments in the fellowship of love with hope also in our congregations and synod.
+ Preparing new pastors for the holy ministry: 4 theologians in our church meet with two confessional Lutheran pastors; ideas and hopes that by God's mercy will develop into plans and ordination/installation i 2022-23.
+ Calendar: Synod May 8th 2022 in Copenhagen. Summer-camp July 16-22, 2022 at Hald Ege.

5. Contact to and pulpit and altar-fellowship with others
+ Report from Nordic Network for Ev.-Luth. Church Work Febr. 1-3, 2021
+ Report from NYLT, Febr 13, 2021
+ Report from Evangelical Lutheran Conference June 2-4, 2021
+ Visit and lecture at Danish Bible Institute October 2021
+ Church Fellowship: Because of corona-restrictions meetings face to face were limited. A dear servant in Christ's church rev. Gunnar Edwardsson ELBK was called home to the Lord.

Evening Prayer 19.00-20.00: Sermon on 1 Peter 1:17-21, Rev. Sigmund Hjorthaug


Sunday, July 18

Morning: Divine service 9.00 and 11.00: Gospel Mark 8:1-9. Rev. Leif G. Jensen

Afternoon 14:00-16:00: Walking together in the forest - sharing the living hope
First Peter 1:3-5: Living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ ... kept in heaven;
First Peter 1:21: Living hope to God;
First Peter 3:15: Living hope that is in you – to be shared. 

Late afternoon lecture 16:30: The first sign of the Church: That we have God's word.

Evening Prayer: Sermon on 1 Peter 3:14-22; cand. theol. Mikkel Søtbæk


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday July 19-21, 2021 

Children's bible study: Peter's life with Jesus
Fisherman: Do not fear! 
Walking on the Sea: Do not fear!
Denying Christ of fear: Christ dies for you and loves you!
Catching lots of fish. Do not fear – follow me!

Bible study for young and adult on First Peter: Rev. Peter Nissen, cand.theol. Mikkel Søtbæk, rev. Leif G. Jensen.

Open lectures inspired by ELC, June 2-4:
* What do we fear - and what do we not fear? What does Christ say? 
* Hope in Christ: Radical, Certain, Eternal
* Hope in hardship: Luther shares hope with us in times of sickness, tribulation and death

Evening Prayer: Sermons on 1. Peter. Preachers: cand.theol. Mikkel Søtbæk, rev. Peter Nissen and rev. Leif G. Jensen.

Program in Danish: See

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